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TUESDAY 22 MAY 2018 - TRev's Round Up

TRevs 2nd grade wrap:

Tonight Basin 2nd grade ladies played Husky at home. Tonight the girls were switched on from the first whistle determined to improve on the last time we played them (score 2-2) again it wasn't long before Shirley controlled the ball outside the box took on a couple of defenders &scores that's 7 for the season so far. We had field position and most of the ball in huskys half and shore enough Jessica Little added to her goal tallly this season to 7 .Our midfield were controlling the game ever challenge Ashleigh Genhrels tackled so hard and legally putting everything into each tackle. I know I say it every week but Kiara Robyn Alyce Lauren have improved so much as a defensive until Bianca hardly had anything to do but what she does is fantastic she's cool calm and collected rock solid. Our reserves our playing so well when someone is subbed Crystal Angela Atina Jessica F fill that position extremely well. As a team we are becoming relentless giving the other team no time to rest .Our midfield led by our captain Jessica Little are now much fitter they chase everything they make other teams make errors. Husky scored in the second half but it was a testament to our defense it was a kick outside the box. The only negative feedback tonight is our shots on goals were at the keeper to much if we kicked at the posts and make the keeper dive who knows what the score line would have been in the double figures. It's really hard to to choose 1 player that was better than the rest but tonight's I'm giving to Angela she's improving every week her control is great passing and slowing things down and her marking is really tight and she's playing in the midfield where it's alot tougher. A Great dominate team effort by everyone ladies final score 2-1

TRevs First grade wrap:

Basin 1st grade ladies WOW Basin 5 v's husky 0 a ripper to Chloe in the first half and 3 to Jessica Little and 1 to Sarah in the 2nd half. Bella played great in front of Maddie T who also played great . Maddison Davis was so focus and tough tonight that's the best I've seen her play for a while. We used Monica and Bianca at left back both showing there up to the task our midfield worked tirelessly forcing husky to make mistakes they focused on marking there 2key players and marked them out of the game Kate Ami Brittney Brie and Sarah put in massively. Husky through everything they had at us in the first half but couldn't brake us Annie shutting down anything that looked like scoring so the score was 1-0 at half time. 2nd half Jessica Little started and the flood gates opened up she scored 3 (that's 6 for first grade )All the hard work we did in the first half broke them our forwards passed the ball around them Josie and Jessica constantly turned the defense around putting husky on the back foot when husky did get the ball there reply was just the big kick through but that wasn't good enough to trouble Maddie T Bella Maddison Bianca Monica and Annie. Since Maddie T has gone back to sweeper everything seems under control and our defensive line is growing in confidence. The cherry on the cake was done by Sarah scoring a ripper. Well done ladies tonight's game was a real dominate team effort we were at husky all night in there faces and we kept chipping away and broke them .Great effort from our bench tonight to back up and play a crucial part also 4 goals JUST THINK WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF WE TURNED UP TO TRAINING. A great effort ladies but my lady of the match whom tackled really hard marked up did heaps of running and defending and was there helping ourattack is Brittney and she worked well with Kate GREAT EFFORT


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